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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Aug 2 2011

Here I go again with these moments. For the book, sorry, but I promise I will continue and finish it.

I'm leaving for the US next week and right now, I am full of anxiety and presumption, in regards to what will happen to me over there. It was like 6 years ago, since my last trip to California. And that was boring..and that was the reason why I never came back.

But now, I'm going for a business trip. Who knows what will happen...but will be months...minimum of 2 months...I'm just wondering if I can stay there that long. Yes I've worked, studied and lived there..but that was ages...

Now, I'm so stress out...thinking of what I will leave here in Manila. My friends..etc.

But...we need to take a leap or jump sometimes in our lives..and this is what it is. But with more time in the US...i guess I can go back to my writing...just like in Melbourne.

that's it for now. wish me luck....hope we can make tons of sales in the US.

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