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Sunday, December 19, 2010

December 19, 2010 Christmas Posting

Well super busy with organizing our Christmas Party for my real estate firm. I am so tired already with meeting people and attending parties, drinking spree, get togethers, etc. You know there comes a time wherein nasusuka ka na!

Up to now I can't analyze myself if I'm a party animal or a loner. I seem to have acquired both personalities. But at this point, I think I am already saturated. I need some time for myself and spend time for my artistic aspect like finishing this book, and other books in progress.

About love life...I think it's NADA. I'm still with my long time companion for 13 years. Jake is still there with a new girlfriend na buntis nanaman. He really never learn in life. I guess, he really fucks without condom and that is his problem. We had a misunderstanding the last usual..selos..pero di ko pa sya kina kausap ..wala akong time.

Pero alam ko, he is still willing to take me as soon as I apologize to him. Pero sa dami ng problema nya now, parang ayoko syang kausapin muna. I think I have my own problems to deal with.

Anyway, have to wake up early. Ako emcee and organizer ng christmas party namin sa Establishment sa fort bukas...wish me luck...

Merry Christmas to all ...and readers of parausan.



huzker said...

Hi fox...I'm elo of pampanga your newest fan of your parausan story....I fynd your story last friday dec.17,2010...I'am with mr. Google and asking for a great sex story until ur blog show up from the lists...Anp pnka una kong nbsa sa mga chapter nito e yung kina kaptain with mark,bobby and the other crew and find it cool and interesting...So i go for the 1st chapter to fully read it and so on and so port...What an amazing story i really love it and super na hook ako....I really loved the character of carla she reminds me of my kalog bestfrnd rita...I also lovd the conflict of monica and lilibeth, and i feel so sad about micheal i'am super excited for their love triangle with claire and bernie...But lost when you killed his role...From the newer chapter npaiyak tlga ako when miz claudia/dona teresita died...Hnd man nya nkita anak nya bfore sya mamatay...Kakasabik n mga eksena please sundan mo na yung chapter....Tnx and more blessings....Plz bang me in my email

Anonymous said...

thanks huzker...with your comment..sige..itutuloy ko na yung book is my last day at work..then vacation mode na kami...i will seclude myself in subic..and i will have time for myself..and continue the usual..I have to back read...the funny thing guys remember more about the book than me...


huzker said...

Tnx mr. Fox...I'm really excited from the next chapter...Nagblik uli kc ang jordan side ni jake...And curius ako kay sofia if kay boy or jake/jordan xa maiinlove...E yung kptid ni jake...Si edmond b yun? Kailan xa ma iinvolved sa story...Haist...Super excitd tlga....Si huzker to...Once again tnx po mr. Fox for sharing this super cool na story...

Anonymous said...

oh my...may edmund ba? alam ko may kapatid si jake pero asa middle east him back in one of the chapters..i think nung namatay nanay nila...

damn..i can't even remember sofia...i know she exists..and yes I remember that jordan is back dahil nga namatay nanay ni jake diba?

this is the problem if the book gets longer...there's too much details involved..don't worry..I'll start tomorrow..


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