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Saturday, December 11, 2010

December 11, 2010

Well woke up early for my work. Yup I'm working on a Saturday. If I don't sell any property by mid January, I will resign voluntarily and perhaps continue my business plans and expansion.

Lots of things are happening with me. I am meeting new people left and right. Some famous and some ordinary. But of course, we learn from everybody. Honestly, I've been thinking if this is still worth it. I'm not that young anymore. If you are young, then yes, meeting new people is okay. But when you are over 30's, it drains your energy level. Good thing, I still workout everyday or I try to. Without it, I would be lifeless by now.

About Jake, well nag away kami last saturday sa dampa. As usual nag selos dun sa babae kong kasama na boss ko naman. Na out of topic sya kasi. Di nya alam..ginawa ko din talaga yun to tell myself and compare both of them with opposite boss is corporate, driven, has millions, etc...and jake is the opposite...except of course parehas silang driven..iba lang nga direction nilang 2. Jake will be the new Viva Hot men Batch to be launch january next year..gumawa na din daw sila ng album.

Honestly, nawawalan nako ng gana sa kanya. Medyo matagal na din itong relation namin na walang kwenta or direction. We have opposite lives and yet, we are attached to each other.

It will be almost christmas and yet wala ako masyadong pera. I am not panicking about it..and I don't know why. I just wish sometimes, it will be over. Christmas is a pressure for me...if you're a kid..fine..but if you're an adult, is a nightmare.

I might spend my Christmas in Subic alone. Since most people close to me has or have their own love ones to be with.

Now let's talk about this person who has been with me almost 24/7. He is a personal trainor in my gym. Used to be a Mossimo, print, and commercial model who decided to changed his life dramatically to be domesticated due to his new found girlfriend. He is a head turner everywhere we go...young, ripped and blessed.

Let's call him Daryl. Anyway,since I have to recruit people for me, I decided to get him and pirate him from his previous employment which is a real estate firm also. From that time on, we are always, gym, gimik because of sales.

At first, I told myself that I wouldn't fall for this person since love is far from my sight. My goals are for more stability. Ever since, most people are against us. My friends, people close to me, syota ko for 12 years nag selos...tapos pati girlfriend nya medyo nag seselos din sakin. He won't tell me but I know. But we are not guilty of anything. There is absolutely nothing happening between us except we enjoy each other's company. Wala kaming problema...masaya kami kahit sa work. And I always smile everytime I see him at our desk in the office..yes we share the same table since kulang ang table sa office namin.

I honestly don't know what's going to happen. But for me, it would be wrong to do it...for us to commit or me even try to signal him for cues that I'm interested. But sometimes, my actions shows me treating him like a girl when we cross the street that I'm trying to protect him...opening doors for him...and him signaling that he has a right to me by always sitting in the front seat of my car. Kaya nagalit din yung isang bestfriend kong babae dahil pina upo nya sa likod ng kotse.

Let us see what's going to happen next. Right now, I'm just taking it they way it should be...just going with the flow.

Well sa story, I have to finish book 2...over delayed na talaga...and I don't even know how to end it since lots of things are happening in Thailand. It is so funny that a writer becomes employed in his own fantasy building and with a gay boss as well.

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