The Final Chapters of Book 2 Coming!!!


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Saturday, January 28, 2017


Readers...sorry....this Real Estate thing is eating me up.  Also, I forgot the sobrang haba..I need to read it again from the start...kasi after chapter 16 sa probinsya...bumilis yung kwento.


Anonymous said...

It's okay we're willing to wait as long as you're also going to keep you're promise that you'll going to update this story.

MJKl said...

Found this blog by accident and i didn't know that it's the original one. I've been waiting since then and i would be willing to wait as long as it takes you.

Angela Cabrera said...

San na po ang karugtong? :(

Angela Cabrera said...

inaantay ko po :( plssss

eillien maeller ibis said...

sana matapos na to...hinihintay ko talaga happy ending nila..

Anonymous said...

Hi its been 5 years since the last update and way back then I was in highschool and now I'm about to finish my degree in college. But regardless of the long hiatus of yours I am still willing to wait for the upvoming new chapters of this series if there's any.

This story of yours did shaped my mind and prepared me mentally with how cruel this world can be for us people in the LGBTQ+ community and I would like to thank you a lot for writting this story.

I am hoping that this comment of mine will stand as a motivation for you to continue this wonderful story of yours and to continue inspire the next generetion of gay men. :)

Your avid reader,