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Friday, October 16, 2015

October 16 2015

Dear Readers:

I seriously don't know where to start.

Recently, I had been promoted again  for Global Sales.  As much as I hate to see and compare
the story I had written years back, it seems that things are folding to what I had written.

I will be honest here.  When I wrote this story, I was madly in love with Jake.  Of course, that is not his real name.  Jake is a person, who has a good personality, wherein, most people would fall in love too.

Of course, when I wrote this series of Parausan, we were on the verge of breaking up. If I remember well, that was 2006.  Then I went to Melbourne Australia to stay away from him.  Feeling bored there for 3 months, I started this series.

The first chapter was published in G4M blogsite, which doesn't exist anymore.  It was about my real experience in the province when I was young. Of course, some were fabricated to excite the readers.
Then the readers like it, and for me to continue, so my imagination gave in to write a series.

As of now, we are not in good terms with each other. (jake)
He has his own life and I have mine.  Our minds seems to be in opposite direction.  I'm in the
corporate world, and he is with his small scale businesses.  He surrounds himself with people,
who are much lower than him, intellectually and financially wise.  While I"m the opposite. I surround myself with CEO's of Global companies.

Back to Real Estate.  What a dreadful word.  I never dreamed of being on it or being employed as a sales person.  My boss recruited me, who was my agent before when I bought my first condo at the Fort.  That was 2010, 4 years later after writing Parausan.


First, when I wrote the story, I chose Pacific Star Building.  I chose that building, because it was close to my house.  Then an anonymous user wrote me if I knew the famous brothers.  I replied no.  I have no idea whatsoever, that a big real estate company is housed in that Building.

Second, worst, I was recruited in that company.  The salary offered to me was P 35,000.  Which was the exact salary of Jake when he was offered as a translator for a real estate company.


I went up the ladder.  Of course, I met the famous brothers.   Now, it seems that, what I wrote years back is happening, the way I wrote the story.  I have big deals, wherein I always deal with the son of the owner.

In our last meeting, he was really nice to me.  He was always catching up my attention.  Of course, I'm scared.  As much as I want to avoid, of what might happen in the book, I would rather be fired, than to make the book a reality.

He is a dream come true.  He is smart, educated and rich, plus buff and with a cute face.

We will meet again next month in Japan.  Lets see what happens.

BTW...every time I"m here in Bangkok, that's the time I open up this blog and update it.  My question is why Bangkok?

I have a meeting here with a big Japanese Firm and doing a partnership in sales.

Yes, that's my job now...recruiting corporate firm to sell for us in other countries.

Lets see....

To all...thanks for all your support.

Although, we haven't see each other or know each other...we close to each one.


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Anonymous said...

Namiss ko po bumisita sa blog na ito. Sayang lang at marami nang readers ang nagsawang balik balikan ito dahil ang tagal mo pong nawala huhuhu