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Saturday, December 8, 2012


From the Author: Fox I'm really sorry for the readers of Parausan. Maraming nangyari sa buhay ko and I think you also have the right to know what's going on in my life. Well, I'm into real estate now, but most of the time, I'm based abroad like the US, Singapore, Malaysia, etc. So definitely, I can't have any time to continue the book. As much as I want to continue the story, a lot of things enters my mind.... I think I have to confess that the real reason why my inspiration with the book went down is because I am no longer in love with Jake. Funny thing is, I thought that love was forever...hindi pala....kahit sobrang attracted kami sa isa't isa. I settled with my former...and we have been together for the past 15 years now. I am currently here in Kuala lumpur...sick with colds and a hotel.. I can't even compose this post...magulo din...magulo utak ko in short...I tried to publish other books like sabi ng dyos...but the story is too deep and scientific in nature. Or siguro, I'm scared to make a mistake in typing the next chapters...dahil dati kasi maganda na ang story...tapos dahil sa gulo ng utak ko...magugulo din ang story. We writers goes with our moods and emotions...what we write is what we really is our manifestations...our deep thoughts... That's all for now... Fox


neil said...

Just take your time. Do take care of yourself. I gotta admit the story is quitecaptivating, napupuyat ako pagbabasa nauubusan nga ng charge tablet o ng iang ulit hehehe. Pagaling ka mr Fox.

Fox and Jake said...


Anonymous said...

Just found this blog, at Gaya ng karamihan, na hook din ako sa kwento. Salamat po.