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Monday, January 24, 2011

Jan 24 2011

I don't know if I have to wait for Feb 3 chinese new year for me to be lucky. For now...the pavements are there but the money isn't coming in yet. I still don't have any sale at Century Properties up to now and its going to be my 3rd month.

I just think it will be easier for me to be out of payroll rather than having a payroll wherein I'm so pressured. And probably do what I have to do. Why will I hire when I can do it myself right? I had mastered the art of working already so I think I am ready for other businesses and also finish this book.

May God just lead me to make the right decision.


Anonymous said...

Hi Fox,..First of all i want to inform you that this book is really really great. actually i was really surprise opening this blog and found out this great story. normally here in the middle east all sites like this are blocked.but to my surprise i was able to open this blog here.
Well, i started reading this book and i found it so clever and intelligent of you to come out with this. Superb talaga!, the story, the characters, the plot talagang SUPERB! I am so attached to the story that i couldn't stop at all reading it. I'm not a type of person who like reading books, but this one is exceptional.
Nalungkot lang ako when i found out that the remaining part of the book is still not there. akala ko kasi is may end ang book. But i'm sure you will continue the book. will you? and you will finish it.can't wait for the continuation of the book. The story really is something to remember and worth reading it.
I hope you would post already the continuation of this and congratulation for this wonderful story. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Fox here...I know I made a promise to finish this a writer...I need to put my whole soul into of now..I'm busy with a lot of things...ayoko naman mag sulat ng napipilitan lang..baka maging hilaw ang story...

Honestly pati yung inspiration ko to write this story is already gone...meaning nawala na sya sa puso ko...mahirap mag sulat ulit ng wala ng inspiration..siguro..I will write about my own story I ended up writing this book.

Pero hopefully...I will push through with australia..and I can again write in peace and solitude...

thanks for appreciating this book.

Anonymous said...

Hello Fox it's me again
I do Understand that you are busy as of now, but the only thing i can say is think about the years you started this story it's 2008. This book is already a LEGEND and I'm sure a lot of your readers are still waiting and hoping for the rest of it including me he he he. Once a writer is always a writer. What I mean is there is always the heart and soul inside you and no matter how hard it is you will able to find ways finishing it. it may not be now, but definitely someday soon. Si Rey,Jake and mark are all survivor in life their stories could help you be inspired again. you said you need to read again the whole story to continue it. I'm sure once you read a couple of chapters the adrenalin will come back kasi na inspired ka din ng story mong ito.
Pwede mong hindi pahabain ang story but i wish you make an inspiring ending. he he he he.
Isipin mo na lang ang sakit ni Rey, Jake, Mark, ang pagbubuntis ni Carla, Bernie, ang pagkamatay ng walang justice ni michael, joseph, ang pagkakapaslang sa ina ni rey na si Donya Teresita, Lilybeth, Ang pag ibig ni Boy, ang pagmamahal ni Udo and ang pagmamahal din ni andrew.
he he he he, I'm a single representation how your readers are so attached with the story.
Thanks for the time replying on my comment.

Anonymous said...

hi its fox again...can we meet and perhaps you can help me with the story..over beer or wine...09175368638 or 5771868 richard

Anonymous said...

Hi Fox, I would love to meet you and help you with the story over Ice tea or juice because I don't drink ha ha ha ha, but unfortunately I'm here in Dubai. I work here for 4 years now,maybe when I have my vacation there but when? I still don't know.your book is very clever, brilliant and informative. there are some deep technicalities inside which i only know and understand because of your explanation in the book. I'm not a writer ( actually I'm into photography), but maybe i could give some views if you want, but still don't know if it would be helpful for your book. If I would make my life into book i would want you to do it. he he he he. I really appreciate the effort of replying to my comments, normally others don't reply. I will send you an SMS and I will give you my FB account so we can chat and message each other just if you want you can add me and it would be an honor becoming one of your friend.Distance maybe something but Friendship definitely worth keeping! Thanks

Anonymous said...

well..nice talking to you sa facebook...yes...this book is either you will hate it or love it...for those who love it...then I must congratulate you that you belong up there..the thinking class...even my own partner won't read my book because he is not one of us...he is a part of the compliance class...who just want to follow routines in life. Sige...I just want a dramatic ending for book 2 and continue the reamining chapters of book 3.

Anonymous said...

That's good to hear, just let me know if in anyway i can help you, I'm just here. Thanks